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Funeral Home Near Big Flats, NY Explains: How to Help a Child Dealing with Grief

Everyone is affected when a loved one dies. For adults, grief can be managed because we understand what death means and how to best get through the mourning process, but for children it can be difficult. Every funeral home and cremations provider in Big Flats, NY knows this. Children do not know how to reach to the grief they might feel, which can cause all manner of emotional distress and confusion. For families that are going through this in the Big Flats, NY, area we at Roberts Funeral Home have tips that can make this easier.

We have worked closely with therapists and grief counselors in the area of Big Flats, a gorgeous community that is one of the largest in the area and which has some beautiful parks and historical societies. We offer cremation services, funeral planning, and pre-planning options for the entire area and we will do our best to make this trying time easier for everyone. Our tips below can help you guide children who are grieving through the process so that they receive closure after a loved one dies.

Listen Actively

It can be difficult to see a child crying without trying to do something that might distract them. This might stop them crying for the moment, but it does not address the loss they feel. The best thing to do is to listen to them and to encourage them to speak about what they are experiencing. It requires tact to do this, since you do not want to force them to speak. You have to let them do it in their own time, which can be difficult. Listening actively to everything they say once they do speak is another highly important part. Ask questions but without judgements of any sorts. A child needs to feel comfortable with you to tell you about how they truly feel. If you are not sure about how to do this, a funeral home like ours will be able to provide you with the right contacts, like counselors in the area, who can help.

A child will also probably have many questions during this difficult time. The best thing to do is to answer them as honestly as you can. They may have all manner of worries that they might be afraid to talk to you about, so be sure to let children know that you welcome questions and that you will give them an honest answer.

Offer Choices When Attending a Funeral or Cremations Service in Big Flats, NY

Children need to be given choices when it comes to things like attending a funeral service. Some children want to participate, while others prefer not to get involved. You should never force a child to participate or to attend if they do not want to. This can end up causing more emotional stress, so providing options is the better option. If a child does want to participate, it can be a positive thing, since it allows the child to get some closure.

Speak about the Person

Something else that parents many times try to do is to avoid speaking of the person who died. It is actually much better to bring up the deceased loved one’s name, since this gives children the permission to speak, as well, and to express their feelings. A child might think that speaking of your lost loved one will make you sad, so bringing it up yourself opens the door to communication about what he or she may be experiencing while grieving.

Everyone Grieves Differently

It is really important to understand that people have different ways to grieve. Not everyone goes through the same process and they might express their emotions in a variety of ways. Children are the same. Some may openly grieve while others might prefer to be more private about it. It is important that you have patience and an open mind. At Roberts Funeral Home, we have lots of experience with grieving families, and we will ensure that if counselors are needed your loved one will be able to get the right one to help.

Children grieve similarly to the way adults do. They will not always feel sad and they will want to play or do something fun. Allow them to do this without any judgment and without showing any kind of surprise. Taking breaks from thinking about loss can be a way for the mind to deal with the shock of it all.

These simple tips can truly make a difference when dealing with a death in a family where there are children.

We offer the kind of services you can depend on, including:

  • Pre-planning
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We know how important the grieving process is for everyone, and although it may be tempting to try to protect a child from the truth of the death, it is much better in the long run to allow them to grieve. At Roberts Funeral Home, we will take care of you and your family as you begin making arrangements after a loved one died. Contact Roberts Funeral Home, which is located at 279 Main Street Wellsburg, NY 14894 by calling (607) 734-7811.

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