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Self-Care When a Loved One Dies According to The Best Funeral Home in West Elmira, NY

Grief can be overwhelming. It can make it seem impossible to do the simplest things, like eating or showering. Many people who go through a mourning period can have great difficulties functioning normally. At Roberts Funeral Home, we know what this is like. We have seen entire families in West Elmira, NY, struggling to make arrangements while dealing with loss. Our experience in providing cremations, funeral services, and pre-planning to this area, which is a cozy village in the area of Chemung County that features some of the loveliest walks in the area, allows us to provide comfort to grieving clients, as well as information on how to best care for yourself after the loss of a loved one. We have been helping people in West Elmira, NY, for a long time, offering a number of services, including:

  • Pre-planning Arrangements
  • Funeral and Memorial Services
  • Cremation
  • Funeral Planning Guidance

This gives us the kind of experience you can rely on. We have some of the most important self-care tips below.

Nap Often and Take Long Baths

Grief can make you feel exhausted. You might feel the need to sleep more and this is perfectly normal. Listen to your body and take naps. Your body will benefit greatly, as will your mind. If possible avoid any sleep aids, since they can interfere with sleep cycles and they can make you feel disoriented.

You may not want to do this, but it will be of great help. Resting in a bath will relax you, especially if you use lavender scented candles or bath salts. If a bath is not possible, then take a long, leisurely shower. It can clear your head and it will bring you comfort.

All of Us Agree, Exercise is Vital

When dealing with loss, no one feels like they have the energy to exercise, but you should do your best to try. Even a short walk around your neighborhood can do a world of good. Exercise increases dopamine, which improves your mood, so keep this in mind as you deal with grief. If you love running or swimming, try to do so as you go through the process of making funerary arrangements. Even a counselor will tell you that exercise is key when it comes to self-care.

Healthy Meals

Because no one wants to cook or worry about meals when dealing with the death of a loved one, many people end up eating things that are not healthy. Your body needs to have all of the nutrients it needs to help you start feeling more normal and it will not be able to get them from junk food. This is why so many people bring food to loved ones after a death. Eat at regular times, even if you are not hungry. Drink plenty of water, and avoid alcohol, since it can dehydrate you and make you feel even worse.

Read an Engrossing Book and Take time to Laugh

Another great way to keep yourself balanced after the death of a loved one is to find a good book and allow yourself to escape into its world. You may feel guilty about this, many people do, as if you are forgetting about your loved one, but your mind and body need a rest from grief, too. A book can keep you entertained and will keep your mind engaged while allowing your body to rest. If you prefer audiobooks, then this can be a great choice, too.

It may feel impossible to laugh when grieving, but it is a vital part of recovery. Watch a funny show, a stand-up comedian, or read a funny book. Laughing, even a little, does wonders to relieve stress and it can be highly beneficial to the grieving process. Again, do not feel guilty about this. You are doing what you can to feel better.

Go Outside and Consider Volunteering

We have encountered many situations in which people who are grieving stay indoors, with closed windows. This only aggravates the emotional distress. We need the sun’s light to feel well and to get vitamin D, so ensuring that you go outside every day, even for ten minutes, is important. Give yourself all of the tools your body needs to start balancing out the emotional distress.

It is amazing the benefits that can come from volunteering and offering up your time for someone else. This is always an option that we recommend to everyone in West Elmira, NY, since it is beneficial for everyone. It will get you out of your home and outside, as well as offering a distraction to the grief.

At Roberts Funeral Home, we know that grief takes its toll on everyone. As a West Elmira, NY funeral and cremation service provider, we are here to offer answers to all of your concerns and to offer suggestions on how to deal with grief in the most effective manner. We have contacts, too, with great counselors who can help. Get started by reaching out to us at Roberts Funeral Home at 279 Main Street Wellsburg, NY 14894. Call us at (607) 734-7811 to learn more.

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